DLG Logistics group The success formula of our company is the aim to perceive and delve into the business and needs of our client. Only understanding of specifics of client business leads to the most beneficial and best decisions Our services

Our goal - to become your reliable business support, supplying a professional service of transport and logistics.

The most precious treasure is our employees but not the trucks or warehouses. They build benefit provided by the company and added value for the customers. Responsible, initiative, devoted and reasoned employees may turn the problem into a prompt, effective solution of high quality.

Team work is the key to success both in sports and business. Our professionals in logistics represent a harmonious and developing team with highest aims and requirements. We are ready to implement the most difficult tasks since we are a STRONG team.

DLG Offices:

DLG Head office in Vilnius

Phone: +370 5 232 0000

Email: info@dlg.lt

Address: Perkūnkiemio str. 5, LT-12129 Vilnius, Lithuania

Hours: I-V 8:00-17:00

Phone: +370 5 287 0495

Email: terminal@dlglc.lt

Address: Kauno str. 55, LT-21371 Vievis, Elektrėnų sav., Lithuania

Hours: I-V 8:00-17:00