About us



Team work is the key to success both in sports and business. Our professionals in logistics represent a harmonious and developing team with highest aims and requirements. We are ready to implement the most difficult tasks since we are a STRONG team.

Responsible and liable employees

The most precious treasure is our employees but not the trucks or warehouses. They build benefit provided by the company and added value for the customers. Responsible, initiative, devoted and reasoned employees may turn the problem into a prompt, effective solution of high quality.

Safe and healthy work environment

In order to expect good results from our employees we must provide all measures and opportunities for self-expression and implementation of ideas. Working conditions of our employees are of great importance. Safe and healthy work environment is one of the pledges and we follow it.

Openness to change

We are certain that change is the background for constant development of the company. We constantly invest in improvement of skills, knowledge and working conditions of the employees, as well as expansion of infrastructure and activities. We are open to changes, since it is the only way to achieve new opportunities.

Business principles

Satisfied client is the goal No. 1 of our company

The success formula of our company is the aim to perceive and delve into the business and needs of our client. Only understanding of specifics of client business leads to the most beneficial and best decisions. Whatever we do - content and loyal client is the main goal of the company.

Specifics of logistic business causes the possibility to offer our clients a whole set of logistic services, due to our reliable and long-term partners. We are 100 percent certain that by implementation of given orders, the service provided to our partners will be of the highest quality. We trust in our partners because we have the same goals.

Every negotiation on cooperation conditions faces the concerns of both parties. We are open to your needs and offers, since we are always seeking a mutual benefit.

Each order of the client reflects the history of diverse needs, expectations and possibilities. Each detail of request on the freight is analyzed thoroughly and the best offer is provided to the customer. On the basis of long-term experience, we provide efficient logistic solutions which are one of our most essential advantages.

One of the priority values of our company represent following “fair play” rules. We are certain that honest competition in today’s business of international logistics is the key to successful expansion of actitivities, increase in client and partner trust, as well as achievement of best management solutions.

We are against promises which are broken easily. We fulfil our pledges and NO contracts may cover that.


The group of international logistics companies “DLG LOGISTICS GROUP”, which is represented in Lithuania by the company UAB “DLG”, started its commercial activites with freight forwarding within international routes in 1993.  Since then we have significantly expanded the scope of the services provided and reinforced position in logistics market.

Today we are stable and dynamically growing members of international logistic business and have gained trust of our constant partners. About 70 percent of our clients comprise large foreign companies confirming stable work and increasing income.

Freight forwarding by our own vehicles is not the only way of transportation provided by our company. Due to our reliable and long-term partners, your freight can be shipped by sea, air and railway to any country. We offer solutions for complex multimodal transportation on demand.

We manage modern warehouse in Vievis, where storage of various freights is available. Modern system of record keeping of incoming and outgoing freight is installed to trace the place of storage of your goods, leftovers and extra services ordered.

In order to avoid additional problems concerning customs procedures, we provide customs brokerage services. We will alleviate the burden of complicated and time-consuming customs procedures. Let us manage these issues.

We are active participants of the competitions on business support of European Structural Funds. Thus, we are constantly developing professional qualifications of our employees, increasing competitiveness of the company in export markets and investing in the infrastructural renovation and development.

Cooperation with us is advantageous because:

  • We offer all logistics services;
  • Financial possibilities of the company allow lending and suspended payment;
  • We are highly experienced in international logistics;
  • We ensure professional organization of services.

Our success formula implies immediate communication with our clients and willingness to perceive their business and requirements, offering efficient decisions. Our permanent clients are aware how reliable our company is. We are available to fulfil expectations of any client!