Air transportation

"DELTA LOGISTICS GROUP organizes cargo transportation by air - the fastest and safest way of freight. Exactly expected terms of delivery allow rapid, perishable, dangerous goods transport to/from anywhere in the world. Long distances are likely to be overcome, as compared with other modes of transport. By combining air and land transport of goods deliver door-to-door.


If your cargo delivery must be very fast if you are sending high-value but low-weight cargo - cargo air transportation is what you need. Our many years of experience and reliable partners thanks, we ensure that your goods reach the correct address on time and without any hindrance.


We provide these airfreight services:

  • Cargo transportation by air to/from any country in the world;
  • Standard, dangerous, temperature controlled cargo transportation;
  • Transport documents, customs clearance;
  • Freight packaging, storage, preparation and transportation;
  • Pickup and delivery of door-to-door throughout the world;