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DLG LOGISTICS GROUP seeks to provide high-quality logistics services for its clients. During cargos transportation risks of damage or loss arising, for that reason we offer the additional service for existing clients – the insurancу of transported goods on the most favourable terms. That type of insurance guarantees security which in case of an accident material losses will be reimbursed. The most popular type of insurance – carriers cargo liability insurance (CMR-insurance) – not always the damages and losses are reimbursed. According to CMR- insurance rules non-insured cases are related to unreliable cargoes package or loading (fixation). One of the main disadvantages of CMR-insurance is that the losses are partially reimbursed. In the case when the cargo is loosed or damaged not by carrier the losses are not reimbursed. So those who transport the cargo of big value and importance, and want to eliminate disadvantages of CMR-insurance we offer a suitable solution – cargoes insurance.



Benefits of cargoes insurance


Distributed to all types of transports worldwide:


-Land Transport;
-Sea Transport;
-Railway Transport;
-Air Transport.


The insurance is valid during the whole route including loading, unloading, reloading and storage time;



The amount of compensation for damage is calculated from the value of the goods, but not on weight – in contrast to the cargo CMR-insurance (8.33 SDR for each weight kilogram or ˜10€/kg. For example: using only CMR-insurance in the case of the loss of the cargo which weight is 5t and the value is 300 000€, the whole 98% of the cargo value is not reimbursed);



Distributed to special cargo groups which are not covered by CMR-insurance;



Quick damage management and the refund, elimination of litigations;



Insurance of following risks:



Accidents with land transport which is carrying goods: overturning, collision with another object, rolling off the road;


Accidents with transport which is carrying goods or the loss in the separate package during loading, unloading, reloading, temporary storage;


The negative impact of environmental factors: natural disasters, fires, explosions, the destruction of bridges, the fall of trees;


Accidents with sea transport which is carrying goods: ship failure, ship overturn, the ship runs aground, flooding, forcible deliverance off cargo to save a ship, cargo washout from the ship deck;


Accidents with air transport which is carrying goods;


Water supply accidents, heating systems;

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Cargoes insurance can be adopted to Your requirements: the whole insurance package with all possible risks, and partial insurance package which includes only main risks and loading, unloading and reloading. Moreover, we guarantee You the best conditions and arrange insurance contracts not only for single shipping but also for regular shipping.