Rail transportation

Rail transportation is one of the cheapest means of freight forwarding in terms of high volume cargoes shipped long distance. Expenses on transportation decrease by 30 percent in comparison with road transportation.

Cargoes are transported by covered wagons, flatcars, platforms, tank wagons, dosing hoppers, refrigerator wagons, 3 t, 5 t, 20 t, 40 t containers. Oversize freight shipped by road transport is often reffered as standard size freight when it is transported by rail, and thus it is possible to decrease the costs.

Advantages of rail transportation are:

  • Possibility to forward freights at lower cost;
  • Possibility of forwarding a few freights at once;
  • Possibility to forward high volume freights (of more than 120 m³);
  • Safety and possibility to forward freight of different types in any season;

„DLG LOGISTICS GROUP“ offers a full set of logistic services which includes rail transportation as well. Rail transportation allows you to save money and your freight safely reaches even the most remote places. We deal with reliable partners, therefore, we may suggest services of high quality and reasonable prices.

The following services of rail transportation are provided by our company:

  • Freight transportation to and from railway station;
  • Full and less than load freight transportation;
  • Oversize freight transportation;
  • Freight warehousing and preparation for forwarding;
  • Reload of freight to and from different transport means;
  • Preparation of the documents;
  • Representation of a client at customs and railway stations;
  • Consultation regarding rail transportation;
  • Multimodal forwarding.