Road transportation

„DLG LOGISTICS GROUP“ provides prompt and high quality service of international freight transportation and logistics by door-to-door shipping. We strengthen our position substantially and dynamically by transportation of freights to and from Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Kazakhstan and Baltic states.

Transport fleet of „DLG LOGISTICS GROUP“contains 170 own vehicles, compliant with Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards, equipped with modern GPS ir GSM equipment. The following types of freights are shipped by standard tilt semi-trailers (92 m³), high volume auto trains (100-120 m³) and refrigarator trucks (88-90 m³):

  • Full truck load freights;
  • Partial freights – minimum 1 europallet;
  • Hazardous freights (ADR) of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 classes.


We are experienced in transportation partial freights from the Western Europe to Russia and Russian Far East. We gather partial freight directly from the suppliers and deliver to consolidated warehouse in Vilnius or terminals of our foreign partners. Subsequently your freights are gathered into a full load and delivered at final destination. In respect of customer needs, the goods stored in consolidated warehouse may be reloaded, sorted, packed, repacked, labelled and delivered whenever you need and at good price. Thus, you are in a total control of your freight movement in a quantity and time needed.


“DLG LOGISTICS GROUP” manages intense transportation both of large and small dimensional, and full or partial local freights. Depending on client needs and cargo volume, we offer standard tilt semi-trailers up to 20 tons or mini trucks up to 4,5 tons. The service of local freight transportation is provided within the Lithuanian territory. Latvia and Estonia are possible countries of destination on demand.


Our company’s scope of activities is not only aimed at freight transportation by the vehicles the company owns. Thanks to our reliable, loyal partners your freights may be shipped by sea, air, railway transport to any country. Therefore, you will avoid a search for partners providing separate services because all logistics services are provided by a single manager. Solutions of complex multimodal freight transportation are offered on demand.


Prompt and detailed information about the movement of your freight will be supplied by our logistics specialists, who are experienced in the field of international freight transportation. We aim to ensure maximum safety of freight transportation and guarantee compensation for loss suffered for the cargo damage.


We will willingly respond to every request regarding freight transportation. Individual freight transportation schemes will be suggested according to every client’s needs, in order to optimize the delivery time and price of your freight.