Transportation of temperature cargoes


DLG company realizes the transportation of temperature-sensitive cargoes. The temperature can vary in the range from -25°C to +25°C. It helps to transport not only frozen cargoes in the summertime but also cargoes which require the room temperature in the winter time. These cargoes which need stable temperature regime are transported in refrigerators. According to the type of transported cargoes the best truck can be chosen:





Two-compartment refrigerators which simultaneously can maintain the negative and positive temperature.

Refrigerator – it a vehicle with a cooling chamber designed to transport specific cargoes. Usually, a refrigerator is used to transport quick deteriorate products which need the specific temperature regime. Despite that refrigerators can be used to transport medicines and another pharmacy drugs with a short shelf life and which must be transported by the special cooling installation


In the case when cargoes require stable temperature control must be used nature-friendly trucks which satisfy requirements of safety and security of the EU. We realize local and international cargo transportations in all countries of the EU, in Baltic States, Russian Federation and in the CIS countries including Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.


We always perform a full analysis and data verification before the loading. We define real and indicated required temperature. It ensures quality cargo transportations which meet requirements.


Can transport complex (FTL) and collected (LTL) cargoes.


Cargoes which require a stable temperature control are constantly observed. Each semi-trailer possesses temperature control equipment which helps to keep the right temperature. We use automatic devices to observe cargoes twenty-four-hours and get detailed reports from the thermograph.


According to client requirements and types of production transportation, we have an opportunity to transport cargoes with following vehicles: car refrigerators, road-train refrigerators, two-compartment refrigerators which simultaneously can maintain different temperature, two-story car refrigerator.


During the whole route in twenty-four-hours per seven days, we provide information about cargo location and temperature data by phone.

Usually, temperature-sensitive transportation is required for following goods:

  • Meat and meat products;
  • Dairy products, ice cream;
  • Different types of canned food;
  • Chocolate and confectionery;
  • Seafood and frozen fish;
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables and mushrooms;
  • Frozen fruit, vegetables and mushrooms;
  • Medicines and another pharmacy drug;
  • Plants and various flowers;
  • Cosmetics, various chemical products (including dangerous loads ADR);



The full-service package on the transportation of temperature-sensitive cargoes – transportation, fulfilling custom documents, foundation, insurance, storage service, consultations, intermediary services;


The possibility to use separate services which meet Your requirements;


Delivery “from door to door”;


The offer of the best route which ensures a quick cargo delivery and decreased travel expenses by eliminating unnecessary kilometres;


Additional cargo insurance of all possible risks;


Cargo control not only during transportation but also during storing with possibility get detailed reports from the thermograph;


Significant experience and knowledge guarantee that all our services meet Your requirements and are quality.

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