We are certain that warehouse logistics is one of the most essential parts of logistics process, aiming at ensuring precise records, safety and on time delivery of freights.

„DLG LOGISTICS GROUP“ manages modern complex of 11.000 m² warehouses at Kauno str. 55, Vevis and 20.000 m² in Moscow, which may contain all types of freights. Warehouse premises have heating system and the arrangement of client freight is simplified by modern and convenient system of multi-storey rack. Low-temperature premises may be suggested on demand, in which freights requiring low temperature conditions may be stored.

Modern system of record keeping of incoming and outgoing freight is installed in both complexes to ensure precise movement of your goods. It enables you to trace the place of storage, leftovers and extra services ordered. Detailed stocktaking is held every week in order to ensure precise records of the goods and freight of our clients. Safety of freight is guaranteed by warehouse security officers and video cameras operating 24 hours per day.

Sandeliavimo paslaugos

„DLG LOGISTICS GROUP“ provides the following warehousing services:

  • Warehousing of goods;
  • Record keeping of goods by modern warehouse system;
  • Packing, sorting, marking, labeling of goods, palletizing of shipment;
  • Mechanised and manual loading and weighing;
  • Collection of orders, preparation of invoices and other documents;
  • Monitoring of product quality and documentation;
  • Cargo delivery “door-to-door” by our company transport .

We do our best to offer the best solution in terms of price and quality since each client has different and individual needs.


Goods reception and registration


Goods reception, place and good appearance revision based on provided documents;
Documents registration based on provided data, serial numbers, EAN codes and another’s identification numbers registration;
Information about registered goods in the control system is available for a client in real time.


Goods warehousing


We are responsible for goods safety;
Permanent stocktaking is carried out, the remains reports are prepared in real time.


Goods dispatch


Segregation, goods repacking, departures formation, palletizing;
Delivery documents fulfilment, printing invoices on behalf of clients;
Goods prepared for shipment marking with relevant information about the service;
Goods shipment at desired client time.


Goods delivery


Goods delivery with LTD GLG trucks or with client ordered truck;
Small cargo delivery with courier delivery services;
Goods delivery to the biggest Lithuanian cities and to all EU countries.


Warranty services


Goods reception, revision and full administration of the returned goods in coordination with the client.


Customs warehousing


Goods storage for an unlimited period of time;
Packing, segregation, packing arrangement, weighing, marking, goods appearance changing;
Orders collecting, also invoices and another documents arranging;
Goods accounting using the modern warehouses control system;
Quality and production documents control;
Unloading cargo, its preparation for transportation, collecting of divided cargo to make transportation more comfortable;
Cargo delivery with our trucks “from door to door”;
Opportunity to change a consignee (purchase and sale transaction);
Import from third countries to the EU;
On behalf of an exporter, we represent his interests in processing export operations.


We are convinced that a warehouse logistics is one of the most important parts of the logistics. Our aim – to warranty strict accounting of all Your cargoes, proper cargoes safety and a timely delivery to the right recipient.

Service of integrated logistics (3PL) – it is goods reception, warehousing, allocation, shipment, delivery, invoice preparation, information management on the movement of goods and other processes.

Enterprise group DLG LOGISTICS GROUP manages modern warehouse complexes where can be stored all types of cargoes. Warehouse premises are heated, modern rack system helps to allocate client cargoes. Despite that, we can offer cold premises to storage cargoes which require low-temperature storage.

The modern accounting system of sent and arriving cargoes helps to ensure a proper Your goods and cargoes movements, also it gives a chance to get the information about your cargoes allocation at a convenient time. Moreover, you can get the information about your remains and additionally ordered services. Daily we carry out a stocktaking of the remains to ensure accurate accounting of cargoes. Cargoes safety is ensured by twenty-four-hours monitoring of the warehouse complexes territories with video cameras and security guards.

The modern custom warehouse can offer all customs services. Export declarations for good from the EU are arranged and closed, also there is provided with the filling in of TIR Carnet and another transport documents are prepared. If it necessary all closed export declarations can be returned to an exporter by registered letter.

Geographically convenient place, good entrance, the whole service package, flexible prices, modern loading and unloading equipment and qualified staff. All these aspects help us simultaneously serve a significant number of trucks and cargoes.

The location of customs warehouse has become more comfortable for consolidation, cargoes transportation from China, the USA and countries of the EU to the third countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Also, we can implement various customs services.

Expanding the range of our services we looking for new clients and partners. There are possible different forms of cooperating. We hope to tie mutually beneficial relations with transport, expeditionary and another company which in the future can become partners of the successful and promising business.

We can always offer value for money, so we ready to realize Your expectations.